Dermatology of North Asheville, the office of Dr. Mark Hutchin, board-certified dermatologist offers comprehensive skin care including the following services:

Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Early detection and diagnosis of skin cancer is one of the most important roles of dermatology in health care. Dr. Hutchin is experienced in detecting and treating skin cancer and has published scientific papers on the topic of basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer. We offer complete skin exams looking for suspicious moles and skin cancers and we perform tests to assess the areas of concern. Once a diagnosis of a skin cancer is made, we offer various treatment options depending on the nature of the problem and the preference of the patient. Please visit our section on Skin Growths to learn more.
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General Medical Dermatology

We provide diagnosis and treatment for rashes, various skin conditions, and any other disorder associated with the skin.  We see patients of all ages including pediatric patients.  There are many skin conditions that require specialized treatment that needs to be individualized to a specific patient.  Please visit our section on Skin Conditions to read more, this section describes only a few of the more commonly seen disorders.  Dr. Hutchin received training in the diagnosis and management of literally hundreds of other skin diseases and offers evaluation of all skin lesions, rashes, and spots of concern.
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Cosmetic Procedures and Products

We are pleased to offer a selection of cosmetic procedures that can help maintain a youthful appearance.  Today there are many procedures that are offered in a variety of settings and choices can be confusing if not misleading in some cases.   Our trained aesthetician will meet with you to discuss your goals and any procedures that Dr. Hutchin performs are discussed in detail to review expectations for improvement. We offer medical-grade products that are scientifically proven to provide benefit. Please visit our Cosmetics section to learn more.
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